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Mr. L. B. Merrifield was the President of The Western Cottage Piano & Organ Company of Ottawa, IL. (The Western Cottage Piano & Organ Company was originally established as The Western Cottage Organ Company in 1865).  The firm first built a full line of reed organs and melodeons, but started adding pianos to their product line as the turn-of-the-century came close. Both pianos and organs were sold under the “Western Cottage Piano & Organ” brand name.
Shortly before 1900, the firm introduced the “Merrifield” (L. B. Merrifield & Co.) line of pianos, a good quality, medium priced piano that was modestly successful. Instruments by the firm were known to be well made and the firm enjoyed a very good reputation for building higher caliber instruments.  Unfortunately, the firm began to have financial difficulty after the turn-of-the-century and was out of business before 1916.

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turn of the century advertisement For The Merrifield Upright Piano, Bulit By The Western Cottage Piano & Organ Company
turn of the century organ advertisement For The Western Cottage Piano & Organ Company, Makers Of Merrifield Pianos