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Mauzy, Byron
Byron Mauzy was a large retailer of name brand pianos and organs in San Francisco, California. Mauzy was born in Indiana in 1860, and moved to San Francisco as a young man in 1875. Mauzy learned the piano trade as an apprentice for 7 years with a local craftsman in San Francisco. Byron Mauzy opened his own shop in 1884 primarily as a retailer of pianos, organs and melodeons. His warerooms were located at 308 Post Street in Union Square, San Francisco. Mauzy enjoyed great success as a dealer, and soon began to manufacture pianos under his own name.
Byron Mauzy was known for building very high quality, durable pianos which were marketed mainly in the West Coast states. The firm built a small number of pianos under the “Byron Piano Company” brand name which were built in New York City in order to try to get a foothold on the East Coast Market. Based on their rarity today, apparently very few pianos were actually built under the “Byron Piano Company” label.  Byron Mauzy was a small manufacturer compared to those of the North East, and his pianos are rarely found outside of the West Coast states today.  Byron Mauzy appears to have gone out of business before the Great Depression.

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Byron Mauzy Piano Advertisements
Early 20th Century sales flyer for Max Adolph Piano Company, circa 1935
Byron Mauzy Portait
Portait Of Byron Mauzy, Byron Mauzy Piano Company, San Franciso