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George Charles Manner began building pianos in New York City sometime around 1854.  Manner was known for building very high quality square pianos, and was considered a pioneer of innovation. Manner constantly improved the design and construction of the 19th Century square grand piano. His first workshop was listed at 361 Broadway, but he moved to 311 Rivington that same year.
In 1858, Manner went into partnership with Ernest Gabler to form the firm of “Manner & Gabler”. This partnership was short lived and was dissolved in 1859. After leaving this partnership, Manner continued to build pianos under his own name. In 1866, Manner established his firm as “G. Manner & Company”.  George C. Manner was awarded a patent for the “Arion Piano-Forte”, an instruent built with a unique design to improve tonal quality.   In 1870, Manner changed the name of his firm to “The Arion Piano-Forte Company“.
In the 1870s, the firm was sold to J. Simpson & Company, at which time Manner left the firm and went into partnership with his sons Charles and George Jr., to form the firm of “Manner & Sons”.  Manner & Sons was out of business before 1880.

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19th Century Advertisement For G. C. Manner & Company, New York City