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Loud, Robert

Robert Loud (not to be confused with Loud Brothers or Thomas Loud of the early 19th Century) was a prominent music dealer and retailer in Buffalo, NY during the early 20th Century. Robert Loud was a retailer, not a manufacturer, and a special agreement was in place with W. P. Haines to build pianos under the “Robert Loud” brand name so that the instruments could be sold in Robert Loud’s retail music stores. A limited number of instruments were also built and sold under the “Lingard” label.

The W. P. Haines factory was capable of high volume manufacturing, and they actually manufactured pianos to the specifications of several other firms during the early 20th Century. In addition to pianos sold under the “‘W. P. Haines” and “Robert Loud” brand names, the firm built instruments for The Bradbury Piano Company and The Webster Piano Company during the ‘teens and ‘twenties.

After the Great Depression, W. P. Haines was absorbed into the large Winter Piano Company of New York. Winter continued building pianos under the W. P. Haines brand name until about 1950, though the Robert Loud brand name was discontinued during the Great Depression.


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Early 20th Century Advertisement For Robert Loud Piano Company, Buffalo, NY