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Loud and Brothers
“Loud and Brothers” was a very early Piano Manufacturing Company based in Philadelphia, PA. Loud and Brothers was established in 1822 by brothers Thomas Loud, Philogus Loud, John Loud, & Joseph Loud. Their warerooms were located at 150 Chestnut Street, and the firm enjoyed very good success building piano-fortes, organs and melodeons. In the 1830s, Loud and Brothers received a patent for an early form of the cast iron piano plate with compensating tubes.
It has been suggested in much of our research that the Loud and Brothers of Philadelphia were the sons of Thomas Loud (Sr.), the piano maker of New York which was operating at the same time. Loud and Brothers went out of business in 1837, though Thomas Loud (Jr.) continued to build pianos under his own name on a very small scale for several years.  These instruments are exceedingly rare and of museum caliber today.

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Loud Wareroom Photo
Early 19th Century Lithograph Of Loud and Brothers’ Piano Warerooms, Philadelphia
Loud and Brothers Advertisement
Early 19th Century Newspaper Article About Loud and Brothers Piano Company, Philadelphia