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Ladd, Albert W.
Albert W. Ladd & Co. was a classic American success story. Born in 1816, Albert Ladd worked his way out of humble beginnings and became one of the industry’s most successful 19th Century entrepreneurs. In his youth, Albert Ladd trained in Boston’s piano factories, learning all aspects of piano building, design, and manufacturing. In 1848, at the tender age of 33, Ladd established his own firm. His vision was to build the finest instruments possible, and his firm enjoyed rapid success.
Initially, the firm built a full line of square grand pianos. Right before the Civil War, they began to add grand pianos to their line as the grand piano started to gain popularity in the United States. By about 1890, their square grand piano line had been discontinued, and a full line of upright pianos were being manufactured.
“A. W. Ladd & Co.” continued to build pianos well into the 20th Century, going out of business with the Great Depression era. Instruments built by Albert W. Ladd are exceptionally well made pianos, and they deserve the finest restoration and preservation today.

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Albert W. Ladd Piano Catalog 1856
Middle 19th Century Albert W. Ladd Sales Catalog, Circa 1857
Albert W. Ladd Piano Catalog 1860
Middle 19th Century Albert W. Ladd Sales Catalog, Circa 1860
A. W. Ladd Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For A. W. Ladd & Company

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