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Carl Kreutzer began building violins and related musical instruments in New York City in about 1879. His first workshop was listed at 321 west 42nd Street. In 1883, Carl’s son William Kreutzer joined the firm, and the title was changed to “Kreutzer & Son”. In 1885, Carl’s second son, Frank Kreutzer, joined the firm and the name was changed to “Kreutzer & Sons”.  Kreutzer & Sons continued building a variety of musical instruments until the turn-of-the-century era.
By the end of the 19th Century the company shifted from general musical instruments to concentrate on piano manufacturing, and “The Kreutzer Piano Company” was established.  Kreutzer was a small firm, and there is very little information available about the company. We have seen a handful of Kreutzer pianos come through our shop over the years, and they are consistently of very good quality and craftsmanship.
Like so many other American piano manufacturers, the Kreutzer Piano Company went out of business with the Great Depression, and there is no mention of them after about 1933.

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