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Conrad Kreiter established The Kreiter Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee, WI in 1896. The Kreiter Manufacturing Company built primarily upright pianos in their early years. By the ‘teens and ‘twenties, the firm had expanded to include both player pianos and baby grand pianos in their product line. The firm was known for building durable, well made and affordable instruments.

The Kreiter Manufacturing Company produced instruments under the names of Kreiter, Conrad, Waldemar (named after Conrad Kreiter’s son), Herbert, and Wegner.  The Kreiter Manufacturing Company grew at a rapid pace as their instruments gained popularity and notoriety.

In 1920, the firm built a large modern factory in Marinette, WI which occupied 7 acres of land. Like so many other American piano companies, The Kreiter Manufacturing Company appears to have gone out of business shortly after 1930 due to the Great Depression.


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