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Holmes, George F.
George F. Holmes was a celebrated piano maker in the 19th Century who built pianos on a very limited scale. Holmes enjoyed a long and successful career, and remained focuses on quality rather than quantity. George Holmes is first listed as a cabinet maker in 1832, which is workshop located at 568 Pearl Street in New York City. By 1834 he is listed as a piano maker, having moved to 125 Sullivan Street.
In 1855, George Holmes exhibited his pianos at the American Institute Fair, winning third place among several other more established makers. That same year, Holmes is listed as having 20 employees that were producing an average of 75 pianos annually. In about 1859, Holmes began making piano keys and action parts for other piano manufacturers. He continued his successful career building pianos and piano parts until his retirement in about 1870.

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George F. Holmes Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For George F. Holmes, Piano Maker, New York City