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Holder, Charles J.
Charles J. Holder was best known for being the master craftsman to apprentice a young Albert Weber, founder of the famous Weber Piano Company of New York City. Holder is first listed as a cabinet maker in New York City in 1831, with his first workshop being listed at 49 Orchard Street. Charles Holder was a very conscientious and thorough piano builder, and his instruments were considered to be some of the best built during his time. Holder exhibited his pianos on a regular basis, and is listed as having won multiple awards and diplomas for his “Superior Piano-Fortes” over the years. Holder also exhibited one of his pianos at New York’s Crystal Palace in 1853. Charles Holder continued to build extremely well made, high quality pianos until about 1870.

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Charles Holder Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Charles J. Holder, Piano Maker, New York City