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One of Canada’s most recognized piano brand names is that of Heintzman. Two separate firms were established by Theodore Heintzman (Heintzman & Company), and his nephew Gerhard Heintzman (Gerhard Heintzman Company).
Heintzman & Company” was established by Theodore A. Heintzman in 1866. Their first factories were located at 105 King Street West in Toronto, but later moved to 25 Scarsdale Road, Don Mills, Ontario. Heintzman & Co. had a reputation for building extremely high quality, durable pianos and they enjoyed huge success for nearly 125 years. During the 20th Century they manufactured Nordheimer pianos in addition to Heintzman & Co. pianos. The firm went out of business in the 1980’s, and their factory machinery was sold to Chinese piano makers.
“The Gerhard Heintzman Piano Company” was established in 1877 in Toronto by Gerhard Heintzman, nephew of Theodore Heintzman of Heintzman & Co. Gerhard Heintzman was issued many patents for improved manufacturing, and his firm was modestly successful. Gerhard Heintzman did not aggressively export his pianos, and they are rarely found outside of Canada today. Gerhard Heintzman died in 1926, and the firm was taken over by Uncle Theodore Heintzman of Heintzman & Company. Theodore Heintzman continued building pianos under the Gerhard Heintzman name until 1929.

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Gerhard Heintzman Illustrated Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1915
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