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Hausmann & Company
Christian Hausmann was a briefly successful, small scale piano manufacturing in the 19th Century. He is first listed as building pianos at #1 Broome Street in about 1866. In 1867, Christian Hausmann went into partnership with Adam Schmitt and John Miller, heading the piano manufacturing firm of “Hausmann & Company” with factories located at 244 – 246 West 27th Street, New York City.
In addition to his involvement in “Hausmann & Company”, Christian Hausmann was in a separate partnership with Bernard Kroeger from 1867 – 1869, and headed the firm of “Kroeger & Haussmann”.  Hausmann’s partnership with Schmitt and Miller in Hausmann & Company was dissolved in 1873, and there is no mention of Hausmann being active in the piano industry after that time.

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Hausmann & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Hausmann & Company, Piano Makers, New York City