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Harrison, Frederick V.
Frederick Vivaldi Harrison (sometimes spelled Harison) was a very small scale piano maker in New York City during the 19th Century. Harrison is first listed as a cabinet maker in 1829 with his workshop on 45 Robinson Street. By 1830, he had begun to produce a line of square grand pianos in very limited quantity. Harrison exhibited his square pianos at the American Institute Fair in both 1843 and 1847, winning diplomas for high quality in construction and design. By 1855, Harrison had expanded to employ a crew of 8 men, and was producing about 50 pianos annually. There is no mention of Harrison after about 1861, indicating that he was out of business by the onset of the Civil War. Instruments by Frederick Harrison are exceedingly rare today.

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Harrison Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Frederick V. Harrison, Piano Maker, New York City