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Hardman, Peck & Company

The Hardman name is one of the more illustrious names in American piano manufacturing. Hugh Hardman is first listed in New York’s piano industry as early as 1842.  Mr. Hardman built pianos under his own name until entering into partnership with his son John Hardman to form “Hardman & Company” in 1877.  Hugh Hardman retired in 1879, leaving the firm to his son John who continued to operate with great success. In 1880, John Hardman went into partnership with Leopold Peck and a piano dealer by the name of Dowling and the firm was changed to “Hardman, Dowling & Peck”. During this partnership, the firm was granted several patents for improved piano building, and their instruments were known to be of superb quality and design.

Dowling withdrew from the firm in 1884 and the firm was reorganized as “Hardman, Peck & Company”.  In 1905, the firm officially incorporated as Hardman, Peck & Company and was known thereafter simply as “Hardman-Peck”.  The firm built a variety of upright, grand and player pianos in the early 20th Century. They were known for building superior quality, expensive instruments.

Hardman, Peck & Company manufactured several brand names including “Standard Piano Company”, “Harrington Piano Compnay”, “Hensel Piano Company”,  and “Minipiano”.  Hardman, Peck & Company also produced several successful lines of player pianos under brand labels including “Autotone”, “Playotone”, and “Hardman-Duo”. Industrial giant Aeolian took over the firm during the Great Depression.  Aeolian continued to build the pianos under the Hardman brand name until the 1980’s.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Hardman Peck Catalog
Hardman, Peck & Co. Illustrated Sales Catalog, circa 1926
Autotone (Hardman Peck) Catalog
Autotone Brand (by Hardman, Peck & Co.) Player Piano sales catalog, circa 1910
20th Century Hardman Advertisements
Hardman Peck advertisements from the Early 20th Century
19th Century Hardman Advertisements
Late 19th Century Advertisements From The Hardman Peck Piano Company

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Hardman Peck Rococo Square Grand Piano


Hardman, Peck & Company built a very limited number of square grand pianos during the late 19th Century. These pianos are very rare today and exceedingly well made.

Hardman Peck Edwardian Parlor Grand Piano


This handsome piano is a lovely example of high turn-of-the-century Edwardian style. It has a large and impressive appearance, yet its small size makes it ideal for a smaller space.

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Hardman Peck Late Victorian Parlor Grand Piano


This Hardman Peck Parlor Grand Piano is a bit unusual in that the back of the piano is just a little wider than usual, making the soundboard area of the piano larger and more resonate.