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Hamilton (By Baldwin)
The Hamilton Piano Company was originally established as “The Hamilton Organ Company” by D. H. Baldwin in 1888.  The “Hamilton” brand label was named after Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, founder of the famous Baldwin Piano & Organ Company.  “Hamilton” brand organs were the first instruments actually manufactured by Baldwin.  The firm began building pianos in about 1890 at which time the name of the firm was changed to “The Hamliton Piano Company”.
“Hamilton” has always been known for being a well made, durable piano of good quality, and was marketed to be a more affordable alternative to the costlier Baldwin line. For over a century, Hamilton pianos were often found in schools, churches, and studios where pianos were meant to endure harsh and constant use. Today, the Baldwin and Hamilton names are owned by the Gibson Guitar Company of Nashville, Tennessee.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Hamilton Catalog
Hamilton Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1928
Hamilton/Baldwin Sales Catalog
Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin, Howard, Hamilton, Valley Gem, and Ellington Instruments, Circa 1909
Baldwin Player Piano Catalog
Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin, Ellington, Hamilton, and Howard Reproducing Player Pianos, Circa 1920

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