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During the early 20thCentury the town of Warren, PA was home to several important piano manufactures, all of whom were connected in one way or another.  These manufacturers include The Bennett Piano Company, The Warren Piano Company, and The Haggerty-Cook Piano Company.

THE BENNETT PIANO COMPANY:  The Bennett Piano Company of Warren, PA was originally established in 1900 as “W. C. Bennett & Company” by Mr. W. C. Bennett and Mr. T. E. Cook.  Shortly after, Mr. F. J. Haggerty joined the firm.  The Bennett Piano Company built pianos under the names of “Bennett Piano Company”, “Hartzell Piano Company” and “Widdlefield Piano Company”.

THE WARREN PIANO COMPANY PIANO COMPANY:  In 1910, Mr. George P. Warren left his partnership in The Clough & Warren Piano Company of Detroit.  Mr. Warren relocated to Warren, PA. and entered into partnership with F. J. Haggerty and Mr. T. E. Cook (both of The Bennett Piano Company) to form “The Warren Piano Company”.  The Warren Piano Company built pianos under the names of “Warren Piano Company”, “Cook & Son Piano Company”, “Thomas Piano Company”.  The Warren Piano Company ultimately absorbed the “Widdlefield Piano Company” name as well.

THE HAGGERTY-COOK PIANO COMPANY: Also in 1910, Mr. F. J. Haggerty and Mr. T. E. Cook went into yet another independent partnership to sell and distribute pianos under both the “Haggerty Piano Company” and “Haggerty-Cook Piano Company” brand name. Haggerty-Cook was a retailer and distributor rather than a manufacture, and their pianos were built by both The Bennett Piano Company and The Warren Piano Company under private-labeling agreements.

Surviving instruments we have had in our shop by Bennett, Warren and Haggerty-Cook are consistently of very well-made, good sounding pianos.  These instruments appear to have been built good quality craftsmanship and materials.


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Haggerty-Cook Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Haggerty-Cook Piano Company, Circa 1915