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The Haggerty-Cook Piano Company was established in about 1910 in Warren, PA.  Haggerty-Cook started out as a retailer of pianos and related musical merchandise but soon started building a number of pianos and player pianos under the Haggerty-Cook brand name label.
It is speculated that the firm was connected to Thomas Cook and George P. Warren of The Warren Piano Company of Warren, PA.  Although our archives do not make a direct connection between “Warren” and “Haggerty-Cook”, their historical time lines correspond with one another.  Surviving Haggerty-Cook pianos that have come through our restoration shop are virtually identical to instruments built under The Warren Piano Company label, giving further credibility to the relationship between the two firms.
The Haggerty-Cook Piano Company was known for building a higher grade yet affordable instrument, and they had a good reputation in the industry. The firm never built pianos in large volume, so instruments by Haggerty-Cook are a bit rare today.

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Haggerty-Cook Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Haggerty-Cook Piano Company, Circa 1915