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Grovesteen & Company
The Grovesteen name is one of the more illustrious and prominent manufacturers of the 19th Century. J. H. Grovesteen began building pianos as early as 1825, and ventured into several different successful partnerships over the next several decades.
Grovesteen & Senior:  In 1846, Grovesteen went into partnership with William F. Senior, establishing the “Grovesteen & Senior Piano Company” in New York. In 1847, the name of the firm changed to “Senior & Grovesteen”. In 1848, Grovesteen ended his partnership with Senior, and he formed his own company under the “Grovesteen & Company” name.
Grovesteen & Truslow:  In 1854, Grovesteen went into partnership with William Truslow, forming the “Grovesteen & Truslow Piano Company“. His partnership ended with Truslow in 1857, and Grovesteen once again built pianos under his own name.
Grovesteen & Hale:  Grovesteen entered into yet another partnership with “Joseph P. Hale” in 1861. This firm was known as “The Grovesteen & Hale Piano Company“. Joseph P. Hale left the firm in 1863, so once again Grovesteen built pianos under his own name.
Grovesteen & Fuller:  In 1869, Grovesteen went into partnership with John I. Fuller. This firm was then known as “Grovesteen & Fuller” for the duration of Grovesteen’s career.
Grovesteen was known for building superb instruments in all his partnerships, and he earned multiple awards and medals during the 19th Century for piano manufacturing. The firm specialized in a large line of square grand pianos, but added grands and upright by the end of the 19th Century when the square grand went out of fashion. Grovesteen & Fuller was out of business by the first decade of the 20th Century.

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Grovesteen & Company Advertisements
Mid-19th Century Advertisements For Grovesteen & Company, Circa 1866