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Griffen & Scudder
Charles Griffen (also spelled ‘Charles Griffin’ on some instruments) is first listed as a piano maker in 1835 with a small workshop on 27 Second Street, New York City. Griffen apparently grew quickly, and found it necessary to expand rapidly and on a regular basis. He is listed at 20 Sixth Street from 1836 -1838, 436 Bowery Street in 1839, 98 Avenue 3 in 1840, 13 N Avenue 3 from 1841 -1843, 12 Stuyvesant Place in 1844, 96 Avenue 3 from 1845 to 1849, then at 11 10th Street until 1853. Charles Griffen enjoyed good success as a quality piano maker, but his was a smaller firm which produced only a limited number of instruments.
In 1854, Charles Griffen entered into partnership with Egbert Scudder to form the firm of “Griffen & Scudder”. The firm was located at 260 and 262 West 32nd Street, New York City. Griffen & Scudder built pianos in limited quantity yet they earned the reputation of building high quality, expensive instruments that were sought after by New York’s elite. In 1855 alone, the firm had their own steam plant, employed 55 men, and produced an average of 200 pianos a year. Griffen & Scudder’s last known address was 160 29th Street, New York City, and there is no listing for the firm after 1858 which indicates that the firm was out of business before 1860.

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Mid 19th Century Advertisement For Griffen & Scudder, Piano Manufacturers, New York