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Gordon & Son
Special thanks to Jeffrey Gordon Dunham, great grandson of Hamilton S. Gordon, for updated details about this firm:
The Gordon & Son Piano Company was originally established in 1845 as “Berry & Gordon” by partners Stephen T. Gordon and Thomas S. Berry in New York City.  In 1867 – 1868, Gordon partnered with Moses Slater to form the firm of “Gordon & Slater”.  In 1869, Gordon & Slater was dissolved and Stephen T. Gordon started his own firm under the name of “The Gordon Piano Company”.
In about 1873, Gordon’s son, Hamilton S. Gordon, joined the firm, and the name was changed to “S.T. Gordon & Son”. Stephen T. Gordon died in 1890, and the firm was taken over by Hamilton S. Gordon.  In about 1908, The Bjur Brothers Piano Company bought controlling interest in Gordon & Son, after which Bjur Brothers pianos were built at the Gordon & Son factory.
After 1927, both the Bjur Brothers and Gordon & Sons names were purchased by the large Kohler & Campbell Piano Company. The Gordon & Sons name was discontinued in about 1929 due to the Great Depression.

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Gordon & Sons Brochure
Late 20th Century Gordon & Sons Brochure, Circa 1917