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Goggan, Thomas & Brother
The firm of Thomas Goggan & Brother was originally established in 1866 in Galveston, Texas by brothers Thomas and Mike Goggan. Goggan & Brother was both a large retailer and manufacturer of pianos, organs and melodeons. The firm built pianos sold under the “Thomas Goggan & Brother” brand name as well as the “Fairfield Piano Company” brand name.  Many instruments sold under the Thomas Goggan & Brother brand name were actually contracted and built by the illustrious Emerson Piano Company of Boston. Both instruments built by Emerson and by Goggan were known to be of exceptional quality.
These instruments were distributed mainly throughout the southern states where they were prone to extreme moisture, heat and cold. Their ability to withstand the harsh climate was amazing, and instruments we see by the firm are generally still well preserved and quite restorable.
During the last part of the 19th Century, Mike Goggan withdrew from the firm and set out to San Antonio to establish his own firm. Very little is known of Mike Goggan’s San Antonio venture. Mike Goggan died in 1915, and the firm of Thomas Goggan & Brother appears to have been out of business well before the Great Depression era.

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