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Geib, William

John Geib:  John Geib originally founded his first workshop in Europe, moving to the United States in the last part of the 18th Century. Geib’s three sons, Adam Geib, John Jun Geib and William Geib worked with their father in the shop until the father’s death in 1819. The brothers formed the firm of “A & W Geib” from 1821 – 1827.

William Geib:  In the 1820’s, “William Geib” established his own shops at 3rd Avenue and Broadway and at 201 Broadway, New York City. William Geib developed a reputation for building superior instruments, primarily square grand pianos, during this period.

Adam Geib:  Adam Geib, son of founder John Geib, took over the firm after is father’s death. Adam Geib continued to build pianos until his retirement in 1845 at which time his son, William Howe Geib succeeded him. William Howe Geib and his partner, James Jackson, continued to operate their dealership until the late 1850’s under the firm of “Geib & Jackson“. The firm of “Geib & Jackson” was ultimately purchased by a dealer by the name of Mr. Charles Bettes.

Geib & Walker:  In 1829, William Geib entered into partnership with his son-in-law, Daniel Walker, to establish the firm of “Geib & Walker“. “Geib & Walker” produced pianos until about 1843 when Walker left the firm to work independently. From 1845 – 1871, Daniel Walker was in partnership with his brother John Walker in the firm known as “J & D Walker”.

After the death of Daniel Walker, the firm was reorganized as “Walker Brothers“, which continued building instruments well up until the turn-of-the-century. Daniel Walker is fondly remembered as one of the original founders of the New York Philharmonic.


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