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Gabler, Ernest & Brother

Brothers Ernest & Emil Gabler were very well known in the 19th Century piano building industry. Ernest Gabler immigrated to New York City and started work at the famous Chickering & Sons Piano Factory in Boston in 1851. In 1854, he established his own firm in New York City. From 1858 – 1859, Ernest Gabler went into partnership with George Manner to establish the firm of Manner & Gabler. After this firm dissolved, Ernest Gabler went back to building pianos under his own name. Emil Gabler was the less prominent of the Gabler brothers, and he is first listed in New York City in 1862. In 1863 Emil Gabler went into partnership with Thomas Chambers to establish the firm of Chambers & Gabler. Chambers & Gabler was dissolved in 1866, and Emil Gabler went on to build pianos under his own name for several years after.

In 1883, Emil & Ernest Gabler went into partnership to form the hugely successful company of Ernest Gabler & Brother.  During the 19th Century, the firm was known for building extravagant and expensive pianos, including square grands and uprights. By the turn-of-the-century, the company was fairly successful and was building a complete line of baby grands and player pianos as well. In the early 20th Century, the firm also manufactured “Faber Piano Company” and “Baus Piano Company” brand pianos. All Gabler pianos we have restored in our shop have been of superior quality. Gabler went out of business in about 1932 due to the Great Depression.


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Gabler Catalog 1895
Gabler Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1895
Gabler Catalog 1904
Gabler Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1904
Gabler Advertisements
Gabler Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1905

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