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Emerson, W.P.
The Emerson Piano Company was originally established by William P. Emerson as the W. P. Emerson Piano Company in Boston in 1849. Emerson was one of several prominent old Boston names in piano building, and by the turn-of-the-century they were one of the largest and most successful piano manufacturers in America. W. P. Emerson died in the late 1870s, and the name of the company was changed from “The W. P. Emerson Piano Company” to “The Emerson Piano Company”.
Emerson built high quality, expensive pianos.  Emerson was well known for their lavish use of exotic woods and handsome cabinetry complimenting the superior musical instrument within.  Emerson also built pianos under special contract for several large retailers including the San Antonio based firm of Thomas Goggan & Brother and the New Orleans based retail giant Junius Hart.  After more than a century of manufacturing superior instruments, The Emerson Piano Company went out of business with the onset of World War ll

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Victorian Emerson Piano Catalog
This is an early 20th Century catalog showing the Weber Pianola player piano offered by the Aeolian Company
W.P. Emerson Advertisements
Mid 19th Century advertisment for William P. Emerson Piano Company

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W. P. Emerson Victorian Square Grand Piano


The Emerson Piano Company was one of the finest builders in Boston. The Emerson brand has been celebrated by artists and musicians for over a century!