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Dusinberre & Company
F. L. Dusinberre began his career in the piano industry by working for the prominent Haines Brothers Piano Company in about 1863. After learning the trade with Haines Brothers for nearly 20 years, Dusinberre went into partnership with Mr. R. E. Small to create the firm of “Dusinberre & Company”. Established in about 1884, Dusinberre & Company is listed as only building upright pianos with a concentration on quality and workmanship. The fate of Dusinberre & Company is not clear, and there is no mention of the firm after the turn-of-the-century. Pianos built by Dusinberre & Company are exceedingly rare today.

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Dusinberre & Company Advertisement
Late 19th Century Advertisement For Dusinberre & Company, Piano Manufacturers, New York City