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Drucker, S. & Company
Sigmund Drucker was a very successful businessman and entrepreneur in New York City during the mid-19th Century. S. Drucker is first listed as being a jeweler with a shop located at 293 Tenth Street in about 1860. In addition to the jewelry business, Drucker was an active importer, probably importing pianos from Europe as well as dry goods and other fine merchandise. By 1864 his jewelry and import business had expanded to a new location at 169 Broadway, New York City.
In 1865 Sigmund Drucker is listed as “S. Drucker & Company, Piano-Forte Manufacturers”, indicating that he began building his own instruments rather than importing them from abroad. From 1865 – 1869 “S. Drucker & Company” was located at 340 – 342 Avenue 2, New York City.  During these years Drucker built a number of square grand pianos (primarily) and a few uprights. His instruments were known to be of very good quality. The few surviving Drucker pianos we have had come through our restoration shop have been very well made instruments, indicating the S. Drucker built a higher grade instrument. By 1870, S. Drucker is again listed as a broker and importer, and there is no mention of him building pianos after about 1869.

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S. Drucker & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement for S. Drucker & Company, Piano-Forte Manufacturer, New York City