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The Drachmann Piano Company was established shortly after the turn-of-the-century in Chicago by Mr. H. C. Bay (of the famous H. C. Bay Piano Company) as a high-grade line of upright pianos and player pianos. The Drachmann Piano Company proudly advertised the use of the “Staib-Abendschein Master-Touch Action” in their pianos.  The Staib-Abendschein Master-Touch Action was known to be one of the finest piano actions available to the industry and was only fitted in higher-grade instruments.

In 1916 The Drachmann Piano Company introduced the “Key Control Player Piano” to the market.  The “Key Control Player Piano” had the unique feature of using 6 of the sharps (black piano keys) as mechanical controls for the player mechanisms, eliminating the need for external levers and buttons.

Under Mr. H. C. Bay’s guidance, the firm enjoyed instant success and moved to large state-of-the-art factories in Bluffton, Indiana in 1917.  H. C. Bay and Drachmann enjoyed much success through the ‘teens and ‘twenties, and was absorbed into the Estey Piano Company in 1929. The Drachmann name was discontinued shortly after The Great Depression.


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Illustrated Drachmann Piano Catalog, Circa 1914