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Detmer, Henry
Henry Detmer established his first piano manufacturing firm in Chicago in 1885.  The Detmer warerooms were located at 158 N. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, and the factory was located at 1456 North Cleremont Ave at Le Moyne Street, Chicago.  In the early years Detmer built a full line of upright and grand pianos, adding a full line of player pianos after the turn-of-the-century.
In addition to pianos sold under the Henry Detmer label, the firm manufactured pianos sold under the Bahnsen Piano Company and Cleremont Piano Company brand names. By about 1910, Henry Detmer was building more player pianos than conventional pianos, and their instruments were considered very well made instruments and were sold at affordable prices. The firm enjoyed great success, and was one of the few American firms to survive the Great Depression without being absorbed into a larger conglomerate. The Henry Detmer company went out of business just before World War ll.

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Henry Detmer Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Henry Detmer Piano Company, Chicago