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The Cunningham Piano Company was one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of Philadelphia’s piano industry. Established in 1891, the Cunningham Piano Company built pianos for over a century. They manufactured pianos under the names of Cunningham, Girard, and Forrest. In the 1920’s, the firm purchased The Painter & Ewing Piano Company and The Overbrook Piano Company.
Cunningham is one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive both the Great Depression and World War II without being consolidated into a larger conglomerate. Many of their pianos are labeled as “The Matchless Cunningham”, and they are considered to be extremely well made pianos by the industry at large.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Cunningham Piano Catalog
Cunningham Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1908
Cunningham Piano Advertisements
Early 20th Century Cunningham Piano Company Advertisements, Circa 1910