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In 1905, brothers E. E. Conway and C. C. Conway took control of the illustrious Hallet & Davis Piano Company of Boston.  That same year, the Conway family established The Conway Piano Company, selling the “Conway” brand as an affordable alternative to the costlier Hallet & Davis brand name while maintaining similar quality.  Conway manufactured primarily upright pianos and player pianos, as well as the “Virtuolo” player piano pneumatic action.  The firm also built pianos and player pianos under the “Lexington Piano Company” brand name.

In 1925 The Hallet & Davis Piano Company (including Conway and it’s subsidiaries) was purchased by the Premier Grand Piano Corporation of New York.  After the acquisition, Conway pianos were contracted to the Jacob Doll & Sons Piano Company and built in their New York factory.  Soon the firm became absorbed into the National Piano Manufacturing Company of Boston.  The National Piano Manufacturing Company and all subsidiaries went bankrupt with the onset of The Great Depression.  While Hallet & Davis was absorbed into the giant Aeolian Corporation, the Conway brand name was discontinued in 1931.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Conway Piano Company Product Brochure
Conway Piano Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1905