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The Columbus Piano Company was established in 1904 in Columbus, Ohio. The name of the firm was changed to The Lindenberg Piano Company in 1915.  Lindenburg continued manufacturing pianos and player pianos until the Great Depression.
The firm built higher quality pianos pianos under the names of Lindeberg and Columbus, as well as player pianos under the names of Wondertone, Convertor, Columbia, and Boudoir.  Today, instruments Columbus are a bit rare which indicates that they were not sold in massive numbers. The few Columbus pianos we have seen come through our shop have been consistently very well made pianos.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Boudoir Piano Catalog 1908
Boudoir Piano and Player Piano Sales Catalog From The Columbus Piano Company, Circa 1908
Columbus Piano Company Article
Early 20th Century Article From The Columbus Piano Company, Circa 1915