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The Chautauqua Piano & Organ Company was a small manufacturer of pianos & reed organs during the late 19th and early 20th Century era. Their factory was located at 32 Maple Avenue in Cohocton, New York. During the 19th Century, the firm specialized in church organs and parlor organs, and after the turn-of-the-century integrated more pianos and player pianos into their line.
The Chautauqua Piano & Organ Company marketed their instruments heavily in religious publications, targeting the church market all across the United States. The firm never built a large volume of instruments, and Chautauqua pianos & organs are exceedingly rare today. The firm was out of business well before the Great Depression era.

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Chautauqua Piano & Organ Advertisements
Turn-Of-The-Century era advertisements for the Chautauqua Piano & Organ Company