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The Chauncey Piano Company built pianos for the large retailer C.C. Mellor of Pittsburg, PA.  Chauncey built durable, well-made pianos from about 1900-1929, going out of business with the Great Depression. C.C. Mellor also sold “Tiffany” brand pianos which were built by The Schiller Piano Company of Chicago. There is no mention of Chauncey, Tiffany, or C.C. Mellor after the Great Depression.

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C.C. Mellor Advertisement
Early 20th Century C.C. Mellor Piano Company Advertisement Retailers Of The Chauncey Piano, circa 1915

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Chauncey White Baby Grand Piano


This Chauncey Baby Grand Piano is a lovely example of the white lacquer and eggshell-ivory finishes that became popular during the first half of the 20th Century