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Century Manufacturing Company
The Century Manufacturing Company was a large-scale retailer based in East St. Louis, Illinois during the last quarter of the 19th Century. The firm advertised nationwide through newspapers and magazines offering “factory direct pricing” on a host of household goods including pianos, organs, sewing machines and even buggies!
It is not clear whether or not The Century Manufacturing Company actually did manufacture their own pianos & organs or if they contracted outside manufacturers to build the instruments which were sold under the Century Manufacturing Company name. Instruments from the firm were especially popular in very rural areas where they were purchased by mail-order. In theory these instruments had to be extremely durable and well made to stand up to harsh rural transport and crude environments. Many small towns and communities of the 19th Century were sure to have pianos and organs with the Century Manufacturing Company label on them.

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Century Manufacturing Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For The Century Manufacturing Company, East St. Louis, IL