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Cambridge Piano Company
The Cambridge Piano Company was established in 1902 in New York City. Their factory was located at 89 Southern Boulevard. The Cambridge Piano Company specialized in building upright pianos and player pianos, and the firm was modestly successful throughout the first quarter of the 20th Century.
The firm’s most popular instruments were a line of small upright pianos and player pianos measuring only 45 inches and 51 inches high. Instruments of this size were common during the middle and late 20th Century, but were relatively unheard of before the Great Depression. These instruments were the forerunners of the modern day console and studio upright piano.  After the Great Depression, The Cambridge Piano Company became affiliated with Ricca & Son, The Jacob Doll Piano Company and The Winter Piano Company.
Cambridge pianos are a bit rare today, indicating that they were never built in large volume like most other New York piano manufacturers. The Cambridge name was discontinued in 1941 with the onset of World War II. In the late 1990s, The Story & Clark Piano Company produced a line of pianos under the “Cambridge” brand name, but these newer pianos are not a part of the original Cambridge Piano Company of New York.

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Cambridge Piano Company Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Cambridge Piano Company, New York