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Bush & Gerts
The Bush & Gerts Piano Company was established in Chicago in 1884.  Superior manufacturing methods and skilled marketing allowed Bush & Gerts to became a major contender in the American Piano Industry in a relatively short period of time.
In 1924, the large Haddorff Piano Company took control of the Bush & Gerts brand name.  Haddorff continued to build the Bush & Gerts name until about 1942, ultimately ceasing all production due to World War II.  Bush & Gerts enjoyed the reputation of being very well made, and their earlier models are often very elaborate and expensive. We see quite a few Bush & Gerts pianos surviving today, and they are consistently excellent pianos and a pleasure to restore.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Bush & Gerts 1908 Catalog
Illustrated Bush & Gerts sales catalog, circa 1908
Bush & Gerts 1920 Catalog
Illustrated Bush & Gerts sales catalog, circa 1920
Bush & Gerts Ephemera
Period Ephemera From The Bush & Gerts Piano Company

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