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The Burdett Organ Company was originally established as R. Burdett & Company in about 1866 after Burdett left partnership with the large and prominent Estey firm. Burdett built organs in Chicago with much success until the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed their factory. Burdett was forced to leave Chicago after the fire, so he relocated his firm to Erie, PA and opened as The Burdett Organ Company. Burdett rebuilt his business in PA, and was known for building very good quality, elaborate instruments. The Burdett Organ Company closed in 1885 when Burdett retired and moved back to Chicago. The rights to the Burdett name were purchased by the Edna Organ Company of Monroeville, Ohio after Burdett’s retirement.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Burdett Organ Catalog 1
Burdett Organ Catalog, Circa 1875
Burdett Organ Catalog 2
Burdett Organ Catalog, Circa 1876
Burdgett Organ Catalog 3
Burdett Organ Catalog, Circa 1877
Burdett Organ Advertisements
Late 19th Century Advertisements For The Burdett Organ Company, Circa 1880