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Brinsmead, John

John Brinsmead & Sons was one of England’s premier piano manufacturers. The firm was originally established in 1836 as “John Brinsmead”. The name of the firm was changed to “John Brinsmead & Sons” in 1861 when his sons Edgar and John, Jr. joined the firm.  John Brinsmead & Sons was known to build very well made pianos and they were widely distributed across several European countries. Instruments by Brinsmead & Sons were often very elaborate and quite costly.

John Brinsmead & Sons was purchased by J. B. Cramer & Company in the mid 20th Century, then later both Cramer and Brinsmead were purchased by the large Kemble Piano Company in 1967. Kemble continued to successfully build pianos under the Brinsmead & Sons name for several decades.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

John Brinsmead & Sons Catalog
Early 20th Century Sales Catalog From John Brinsmead & Sons of London, Circa 1916
John Brinsmead Advertisement
This is a typical advertisement from John Brinsmead & Sons, circa 1900.