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Charles C. Briggs was born in Boson in 1822, and began studying the art of piano manufacturing in 1858. After apprenticing with several renowned Boston makers, Briggs began building pianos under his own name in 1868. Briggs had a natural talent toward the design and construction of pianos and scale designs, and his pianos quickly became celebrated as one of the top Boston manufacturers.
By the last part of the 19th Century his son, C. C. Briggs, Jr., was admitted into the company and is listed as president of the firm around the turn-of-the-century era. After 1912, Briggs was controlled by the National Piano Manufacturing Company, and they were also affiliated with The Hallet & Davis Piano Company, The Jacob Doll Piano Company, and The Premier Piano Company in the last decade of production. There is no mention of Briggs after the onset of the Great Depression era.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Briggs Catalog 1
Briggs Piano Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1885
Briggs Catalog 2
Briggs Piano Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, circa 1910
Briggs Advertisements
Period Advertisements For The Briggs Piano Company

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