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Established in 1823, the Brambach Piano Company was one of the earliest and largest piano manufacturing companies of late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Although they built pianos under the Brambach name, the Brambach Piano Factory produced pianos for dozens of other well-known American piano manufactures during the˜ ‘teens and˜ ‘twenties under “private labeling” contracts.
The Brambach factory was capable of building instruments in huge quantities, and their overall quality was very good and generally consistent.  We have restored a number of Brambach pianos in our restoration shop, and they make very nice pianos after restoration – after all, some of the most well-made pianos in American history were actually manufactured in the Brambach factory under secret contract!
Brambach became absorbed into the Industrial giant Kohler & Campbell during the middle 20th Century.  After more than 125 years of success, the Brambach name was finally discontinued in about 1957.

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Brambach Sales Catalog
Early 20th Century Brambach Sales Catalog, Circa 1903
Brambach Advertisements
Period Advertisements For The Brambach Piano Company

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