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Bourne, William & Son
William Bourne is first listed as doing business in Dayton, Ohio in 1837. In about 1840, he relocated his firm to Cincinnati.  The firm quickly outgrew the Cincinnati factory and moved to larger factories in Boston in 1855.
 During the 19th Century era, the firm primarily built square grand pianos with very few grand piano models available. In 1873, Charles E. Bourne took control of his father’s company, listing the firm as “Wm. Bourne & Son”.  As the 20th Century approached, Bourne decreased square piano production and introduced upright pianos into their line.  Square pianos were all but discontinued by 1890.
There is no mention of William Bourne & Son after about 1929, indicating the firm went out of business with the onset of the Great Depression. William Bourne pianos were exceptionally well made, beautiful instruments and are well worth restoration today.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

William Bourne & Son Piano Catalog
Early 20th Century William Bourne & Son Piano Catalog, Circa 1903
19th Century William Bourne Advertisements
Mid-19th Century Advertisements For William Bourne Piano Company, Circa 1856-1858