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Blume, Frederick
Frederick Blume was a small-scale maker of pianos, organs, and melodeons during the 19th Century. Blume began his career as a builder in Pittsburgh in about 1840. While in Pittsburgh, Blume enjoyed modest success and had a highly regarded reputation for building quality instruments.
Sometime around 1859 Blume moved his firm to 54 Chatham Street, New York City, and commenced to manufacture instruments in New York under his own name. As his business grew, Blume’s factory moved to larger quarters at 208 Bowery, New York City in about 1861. Blume remained a small-scale maker and his success continued throughout his career in New York City. In 1874 Blume is listed at 27 Union Square, New York City. There is no mention of Blume after about 1875.

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Frederick Blume Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Frederick Bloome, Circa 1861