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Bjur Brothers
The Bjur Brothers Piano Company was established in 1887 by brothers William and Robert Bjur. Their factory was located at 705 Whitlock Avenue in New York City. Bjur Brothers built a full line of uprights, grands, and player pianos during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and they enjoyed a reputation for building instruments of fine craftsmanship and durability.
In addition to building pianos under the Bjur Brothers name, they also manufactured pianos under the brand names of Stultz & Company, Bailey Piano Company, Mellotona, and American Player Piano Company. The Bjur Brothers factory also built pianos for the Gordon & Son Piano Company until 1927 when Bjur was taken over by industrial giant Kohler & Campbell. Kohler & Campbell continued to produce pianos under the Bjur Brothers brand name until about 1957.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Bjur Brothers Piano Catalog 1
Bjur Brothers Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1905
Bjur Brothers Piano Catalog 2
Bjur Brothers Illustrated Player Piano Catalog, Circa 1920
Bjur Brothers Brochure
Early 20th Century Brochure for the Bjur Brothers Piano Company, Circa about 1916
Bjur Brothers Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For Bjur Brothers Player Pianos, Circa 1918