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Bennett & Company
The Bennett family of New York City was very active in pianos manufacturing during the pre-Civil War era. The family members consisted of Sullivan E. Bennett, William W. Bennett, George A. Bennett, Robert O. Bennett, Sumner W. Bennett, and Solomon A. Bennett. From about 1844-1860, Sullivan and William Bennett manufactured square pianos at 132 Fulton and 361 Broadwood in New York City. In the years 1846-1848, William Bennett worked in partnership with Abel Rogers (previously of Glen, Rogers & Company) building pianos under the name of Bennett & Rogers.
In about 1849, Sullivan Bennett joined Benjamin Wilder to form the firm of Bennett & Wilder, which was also located on Fulton Street in New York City. In about 1850, George and Sullivan Bennett founded Bennett & Company, building pianos until about 1856. Bennett & Company exhibited one of their square pianos at the New York Crystal Palace in 1853. From about 1857-1860, Robert and William Bennett joined the firm of William Senior to form the firm of Bennett, Senior & Company. All of the extent instruments we have seen by any of these related firms have been square grand pianos, indicating that the firms may have not produced uprights or grands. There is mention, however, of melodeons being built under the Bennett names. There is no mention of the Bennett’s in our archives after about 1860, indicating that the firms were out of business before the Civil War.

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Bennett & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Bennett & Company, Circa 1853