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Bay, H.C.
H. C. Bay was one of the largest makers of player pianos in Chicago during the Pre-Depression era. Established in 1909, H. C. Bay quickly earned a reputation for good quality, affordable pianos and player pianos.
In 1917, H. C. Bay built a new, state-of-the-art factory in Bluffton, Indiana. They produced pianos under the names of H. C. Bay, Solo-Concerto, Drachmann, Meldorf, Vollmer, Bellman and “King“.  H. C. Bay was known to use very elaborate woods and finishes on their pianos, making their beauty and affordability very attractive in the marketplace.
Along with their more affordable instruments, H. C. Bay built a limited line of higher end, ornately carved art-case pianos in various furniture styles. These higher-end instruments are exceedingly rare today. H. C. Bay went out of business in 1928, with most of their assets assumed by the Estey Piano Company.

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H.C. Bay Sales Brochure
Early 20th Century sales brochure illustrating several models of the H.C. Bay player piano, circa 1917
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H.C. Bay Upright Walnut Player Piano


H.C. Bay was one of the largest manufacturers of player pianos in the early 20th Century. Their instruments were of very good quality, and are well worth restoration.