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Barmore, G & H
G & H Barmore was established by brothers Garrett and Harvey Barmore in 1836 in New York City. Their first year, the firm was winning medals and diplomas at exhibitions for their fine quality instruments. Their first models of square pianos sold for as much as $475 in the late 1830s! The firm enjoyed good success throughout the mid 19th Century, and had a reputation for building very good quality, higher grade pianos.
By the 1870s, G & H Barmore were building about 100 pianos a year, mostly of the square grand variety. Garrett Barmore died in 1875, and Harvey continued building pianos under the name of H. Barmore & Company until sometime in the late 1880’s.

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G & H Barmore Advertisement
Mid-19th Century Advertisement For The G.H. Barmore Piano Company, New York