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Bacon & Karr
Bacon & Raven (also listed as Raven & Bacon) was part of one of the oldest and most historical American piano manufacturers. Originally started in 1789 by the famous business tycoon John Jacob Astor along with piano makers Robert Stodart and William Dubois, the firm was originally known as Dubois & Stodart until 1836. In 1836, Stodart retired and George Bacon joined the firm. In 1841, Dubois left the firm and Bacon was joined by brothers Richard & Thomas Raven, and the firm’s name was changed to Bacon & Raven.
After the death of George Bacon in 1855, his son Francis Bacon joined the firm and the name of the firm was changed to Raven, Bacon & Company. In 1862 the name of the firm was again changed to simply “Raven & Bacon”. In 1872, Richard M. Raven died and the firm was taken over by Thomas Raven at which time the name of the firm was changed to Raven & Company. In 1878, Thomas Raven left the firm and the name of the company was changed to “Raven Piano Works”. Raven Piano Works was out of business before 1890.  In 1871, Karr joined the firm and the name was changed to Bacon & Karr.
In 1904, the firm was incorporated as the Francis Bacon Piano Company. Francis Bacon continued building pianos with great success until the 1920’s era when the firm was absorbed into industrial giant Kohler & Campbell. Kohler & Campbell continued building the Francis Bacon name until 1934.

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19th Century Bacon & Karr
19th Century Advertisement for Bacon & Karr Piano Company, Circa About 1875