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The Autopiano Company built exceptionally well made player pianos in the early 20th Century. Established in New York in 1903, The Autopiano Company also built the brand names Pianista, Playotone and Symphotone in their additional player piano lines. After about 1920, Autopiano was controlled by the large Kohler & Campbell Corporation.
Although Autopiano was marketed as a manufacturer of player pianos, there is some evidence that at least some Autopiano instruments were built as ordinary non-player pianos; however, all Autopiano instruments we have seen come through our shop over the years were all originally built as player pianos. Autopiano was discontuned in about 1930 due to the Great Depression.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Autopiano Sales Catalog 1912
Illustrated Autopiano catalog,circa 1912
Autopiano Sales Catalog 1917
Illustrated Autopiano catalog, circa 1917
Autopiano Advertisement
Autopiano color advertisement, circa 1920
Autopiano Logo
Autopiano Brand Logo
Autopiano Arts & Crafts Player Piano Advertisements
Advertisements featuring the rare “Style S Mission Oak” player piano, circa 1915

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