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We have been fortunate to assemble a very special group of talented artists and craftsmen from both North America and Europe.  Here we share our passion for restoring these heirloom instruments so that they will be preserved and not lost.  What was once one of America’s greatest industries has become a shell of its former self.  In an age of technology and digital music, the American Piano Industry has struggled to survive.  Unable to compete with the flood of imported instruments from Asia and abroad, many great American craftsmen have been forced to close their doors and seek other means of employment.  


For the past several years we’ve seen a huge resurgence in antique piano restoration and preservation.   In the shadow of a declining American Piano Industry, restoration and preservation has continued to grow and thrive.  More young people are training to become tuners and technicians, and more “old-timers” are getting back into the field as awareness and appreciation for vintage instruments continues to grow. 

Seeking Specialized Craftsmen & Technicians

We are dedicated to attracting the best candidates from around the world. Antique Piano Shop has a bright future ahead, and we are honored to offer long-term careers to qualified craftsmen and technicians.  As we continue to grow and expand, Antique Piano Shop is looking for qualified craftsmen & technicians who would be a good fit for our team.  We define ourselves more as a family than as a group of employees.  Our workplace environment is an atmosphere of positive morale and mutual respect that is free of drama and toxicity.  



To apply, please complete these three steps:


1. Send us a complete resume via email including all past work history as well as a brief bio.  Tell us why you would like to work with us.  Please don’t send us a few vague lines and a phone number.  If you spend some time on your resume, it will show us that you are a serious candidate.  A good quality resume is a good reflection on you.

2. Send us a recent list of both professional and personal references.   The more references you can share with us, the better it will reflect on you.

3. Send us photos/samples of your work via email.  These photos will go a long way in the initial evaluation process.  Tell us what we are looking at in the photos – be as descriptive and detailed as possible.

Please submit your information to us at contact@antiquepianoshop.com with EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION in the subject title.


Drilling Pinblocks


Action Regulation


Hammer Shaping


Gluing New Soundboard