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Compton – Price
Mr. J. A. Compton established his first wholesale and retail piano business in Coshocton, Ohio in 1872. In 1904, Mr. Compton became president of The Boston Organ Mfg. Co. located in Coshocton.
In 1909 Mr. Compton went into partnership with Mr. A. O. Price and reorganized the Boston Organ Mfg. Co. as “The Compton – Price Piano Company”. In 1914 the firm began manufacturing the “Stradivara” phonograph and began to wind down their piano manufacturing operation.

In 1921, Mr. Compton bought Mr. Price’s interest in the firm and reorganized the firm as “The Stradivara Company”, manufacturing a successful line of phonographs.

The Compton – Price Piano Company manufactured good quality pianos on a small scale for only a few short years. Pianos manufactured by Compton – Price are rarely encountered today.

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