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Aeolian Upright Player Piano

The Aeolian Company was one of the largest and most successful player piano manufacturers in America

$25,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
For Sale
  • YEAR: 1916
  • FINISH: Honduran Mahogany
  • STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration
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The Aeolian Company was one of the largest and most successful piano manufacturers in American history.  The Aeolian Company was an early pioneer in player piano manufacturing and their instruments were known to be of very good quality.

This is a classic Aeolian player piano from the early 20th Century.  The piano is made of imported Honduran Mahogany wood and is of the Mission style.  Even now, prior to restoration, the instrument has a strong, beautiful tone quality.  The instrument is being restored with computerized player mechanisms that operate wirelessly via smart phone, iPad, etc.  Thousands of song titles are available.  


Aeolian Advertisements Here are a few trade cards and advertisements from the Aeolian Co, circa 1900-1920. Most of these show their Pianola Player Pianos from the era.
Aeolian Player Organ Advertisement Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisement Featuring The Aeolian Player Reed Organ
Aeolian Sales Catalog 1925

Illustrated Aeolian Sales Catalog Featuring Wheelock, Stroud and Duo-Art Pianos, Circa 1925

Aeolian-Weber Pianola Catalog

This is an early 20th Century catalog showing the Weber Pianola player piano offered by the Aeolian Company.


$18,000 After Total Restoration
1893 | Sold
$25,000 After Total Restoration
1916 | For Sale